A Guide To Memorial Hall Deerfield- Massachusetts


A special little book about the collections at Deerfield’s Memorial Hall

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A GUIDE TO THE MUSEUM OF THE POCUMTUCK VALLEY MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION, By George Sheldon, with Original Illustrations By Frances S., Mary E. And Louise S. Allen, Second Edition, Deerfield, 1920.  Hardcover, paper covered/cloth spine, 76 pages, well illustrated.

The first time I walked into the museum at Deerfield, Mass. I thought I would just be killing time, yet, when I saw the ancient door of the Indian House (now called) hacked at in the most frightening manner by Indians who attacked the settlement at Deerfield in 1704,  it left with me the visions I still try to imagine being in the middle of. I can’t fathom the fear of hearing the door rapidly being torn apart. The sounds of blood curdling screams, of women and children, war cries, muskets going off, and the smell of burning buildings. If you have studied that period in our nations history, you can appreciate trying to understand what it must have been like, still, with the Door there for us to see, we have a visual pathway to the past.

Until you get to Deerfield, and see that door for yourself, then you need this book for the reminder to visit.

The photos show parts of the collection, with the history behind them, etc.

Condition overall is very good.

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