Autographed Photo- Lt. Gen. Wedemeyer


An important WWII autograph.

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Albert Coady Wedemeyer (1897-1989), was a career army officer graduating from the USMA in 1919. The caption on the back of the photo renders a very brief, but significant of the roll he played in WWII.  Looking into his history will show an extremely important part played in the second world war;  “…Special Mission to Moscow, Russia, 1941, Special Mission to China, 1943, Appointed Deputy Chief of Staff to Lord Mountbatten in command of Allied Forces in China, Burma and India in 1943, In 1945 succeeded command of U.S. Forces in China from General Joseph Stilwell.”

This is a period portrait photo, 8×10 and signed in ink.

Condition is excellent.

USPS First Class Mail  $3.50



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