CDV- A Portrait & A Prayer


A Boston lady sends her image with a prayer for the soldiers.

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Well dressed for her portrait, this well to do Boston lady sends her likeness and a prayer for the soldiers of a particular regiment from that area of Massachusetts, or she may be a concerned citizen for the spiritual condition of her fellows fighting during the Civil War.

Her prayer is, “Tell the boys, I love them all, and my last prayer is, that they may all be Christians. The fact that the prayer is printed on the mount strongly suggests she had many of her images printed and sent out. Where she does not identify herself on this image may indicate an image never sent out, or simply she was well known by her recipients.

Either way, with genuine concern for their lives and their eternal security, her prayer was sent with the faith that it would be answered and the men would offer their lives to Christ prior to the dangers of battle.

A little more research may yield her identify.

Fine condition; back mark for Case & Getchell, Boston.

USPS First Class Mail $4.00

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