CDV, A Young Married Couple


A young couple before the ladder to nowhere.

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This image was taken in a studio by Lovell & Knowlton, Northampton, Mass,  during the mid to late 1860’s. The portrait captures a young married couple (his ring is visible anyway) standing before a ladder, which purpose we might assume is to hanging props.

Yet, can’t we take the liberty to philosophically see the ladder as a metaphor for life’s journey. Climbing this ladder to reach the pinnacle of a married existence; two becoming one. The climb is laborious; there are struggles along the way, but only through trial and persistence will they achieve that oneness.

I doubt they will make it!

It appears that one likes to cut corners to severely;  Yes, it is only a CDV and rounding is suggested for easier placement into an album, but really.  Even though the lower rounded corners will be disguised by the album page, it will always be there never truly hidden. She clings to the ladder in hope, while he looks nervously distant,  hoping she does not discover his over zealousness. What else might he do to undercut their new beginning together.  Am I blaming the wrong party?

The image and condition overall are very good,  beside the inherent flaw.

USPS First Class Mail  $3.50

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