CDV – Brevet Brigadier General E. Bassett Langdon


Began service with the 1st Ohio Infantry; brevetted for gallantry.

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A very nice  bust shot image of a gallant officer, Brevet Brigadier General E. Bassett Langdon of Ohio.  He began the war as a major in the 1st Ohio Volunteers, then accepted General A.M. McCook’s request to become his Inspector General.  After the battles of Perryville, Stones River, as LtCol, returned to command the 1st Ohio, and serving with that regiment at Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, and Lookout Mountain.  He was brevetted BG following those engagements.  At Missionary Ridge, he had a horse shot out from beneath him, and he received a wound he never truly recovered from, yet he lead his men within the enemy’s breastworks. While receiving breakfast on the morning of May 30, 1867, his head fell forward and quickly he had passed.

An extract from a private letter written to his sisters during the war showed his tenderness and and highest motives in entering the army; “But the realities of war are around me, and I am not insensible to its danger, and have thought over the whole subject again and again.  If I felt sure that death would be the only portion I should reap from this war, I should not the less be satisfied and even glad that I had taken up arms in defense of my country, in the hour of her extreme need.  I could not feel that I had preformed my duty to that country, which, in peaceful times, has honored and trusted me, nor to the parents who gave me birth – to you who live now – nor to those who are to come after all of us shall have passed the dread trial that comes but once, but must come to all, if I had done otherwise than I have in this matter.”

Photographer is Hoag & Quicks Art Palace, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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