CDV- Father Harriman “The Mad Hatter”


The greatest tan or gray beaver felt hat you’ll ever see!

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The cdv was taken by W.M. Hussy, Photographer, Boston, Mass.,  and simply identified as Father Harriman in period ink, leaving us with a great portrait of the old gent in the best beaver hat you will ever see.

A stern looking man with a patented icy stare, flowing gray hair from beneath the hat, and a nice tailored suit of clothes leaving one with the impression we are looking upon a gentleman who commands attention. The cain and a book in his lap complete the look.

The man could be Orlando Harriman, an Episcopal minister, and father to E.R. Harriman the Rail Road Magnet that had for a while, great trouble from the Hole in the Wall Gang, namely Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Orlando was from New York, but had family connections in Boston.  That Father Orlando Harriman died in 1867.  Although it fits, I am not sure of the identification.

Until the determining of the gentleman’s positive identity, it remains a neat image none the less.

Some soiling but the image quality and condition overall is very good.

USPS First Class Mail  $3.50

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