CDV- Group of Three Ladies


Three Connecticut women in mourning.

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Bundy & Williams Photographers, New Haven, Conn. took this cdv image in their studio, capturing perhaps a scene played out too many times during the American Civil War. The woman seated with the huge sweet grass hat looks away from the lens for effect, or maybe focusing on some object in attempt to hold her feelings in check; a younger woman stands behind her, having just slightly moved her head causing a minimal blur. These women are in mourning.  A friend, not so mournfully dressed as the ladies sets on the railing, her hands engulfing the hand of her friend, looking down and sharing the silence of the moment.

A book lies on the railing, maybe prop, maybe the favorite of the lost loved one.

Surely this scene was played out too many times during the Civil War. It may be the husband and father who was lost, not present for this poignant photograph.

The 3 cent Proprietary Revenue stamp is canceled with the ink initials of the photographs.

A clean, well composed, quality image.

USPS First Class Mail  $3.50

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