CDV “His Time For Taking A Nap.”


A look known all to well to parents and grand parents.

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The name of this three year old lad is not given, but it was his 3rd birthday on that July 21st, 1871, and a note on the reverse reads, “His time for taking a nap, almost asleep.”

The photographer, B.L.H. Dabbs of Pittsburg, PA, may have been as frustrated as the parents with this little one, because the look on this child’s face is not defiance, just overload;  that “I don’t want to do this anymore” look.  Keeping even a three year old still, let alone quiet is a major feat. The blocks are somewhat neatly arranged. This photo took some real time, a lot of patience, and it was worth it!

A great moment and I’m sure the family had much enjoyment in over the years.

Overall good condition.

USPS First Class Mail, $3.50



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