CDV – Lt Col. Edwin S. Gilbert, 25th NY Volunteers SOLD

Taken Prisoner at Gaines’ Mill, and spent time at Libby Prison.


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Edwin Smith Gilbert, a graduate of Amherst College 1855, entered the Civil War as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 13th New York in 1861, and later joined the 25th NY as a 1st Lt. and Captain.  He was promoted to major by the time of the Peninsular Campaign. was taken prisoner at the battle of Gaines’ Mill, June, 1862, and sent to Libby Prison, in Richmond until exchanged, rejoining his regiment at in August of that year.  He was promoted to the rank of Lt. Col., and while convalescing at home, died at home in Rochester on February 22, 1863.

The back mark is for Powelson, Rochester, NY.  Probably taken just prior to his death.  Overall condition is very good.

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