CDV- Monument On A Boston Burial Plot


The monument at the gravesite of N.H. Earle, 1857.

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A well designed monument for the Earle Family stands in the center of the plot in a Boston area cemetery. The photo was taken by Miller & Brown of Boston, photographers.     I have no other information other than what the image itself provided and that only is the family name on the plaque on the gate with reads, “18 EARLE 57, No. 1803.”

The image looks to be of the Civil War era, and is in very good condition with typical light soiling.  The image quality is very good as well.

This is a burial plot of a well to do family, with elaborate iron fence and gate, headstones well carved. The freshness of everything can suggest two things, one being the family maintains it well and or, its headstones and monuments have been placed there recent to the time of the photograph. A single iron chair is placed for a visitor to look upon the stones, also lending to the notion that someone spent a significant time here with each visit.

It will be fun to research this family, location, etc.

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