CDV- Sad Young Lady From Lebanon, NH


Nicely dressed young woman from the Civil War era.

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Our faces can give us away at times, especially to those that know us well. However, some people have facial features that when in a relaxed state, may not always portray their true feelings at that time.

Sarah, of Lebanon, New Hampshire or thereabouts, must have had that patented look that prompted others around her, who may not have known her well, to ask if she were tired, or “are you ok?”  She may answered countless times, “oh no, I’m just so tired,” and thus dubbed herself as just “sleepy.”

On the reverse, above the back mark for Willings & Hough, Photographer, New Lebanon, Sarah wrote in pen, “Your sleepy friend, Sarah.”  By the look of many images of this Civil War era, and before, I wonder if photographers thought to ask the customer to smile.

The condition is very good.

USPS First Class Mail, $4.00

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