CDV- The Ambivalence In Photography


A sad but fabulous Civil War era image.

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I guess it was from the dawn of time that looking at one’s reflection could be very distasteful, particularly if they were aware of their lack of appeal in the facial feature department. The good thing is one could move away from the reflection and angst would depart.

The invention of photography gave permanency, where mirrors and water were only the temporary, and having to deal with that becomes apparent in this image of a wife filling a request for her likeness; maybe for her soldier husband, this being a Civil War period cdv.

Her image not only captured here, but the note that enhances her pain, “This cross looking thing is meant for me & all I have to send you.” I’ll bet she was a lovely person, friendly, caring, encouraging, etc, regardless of how she degraded herself over her outward appearance.  Photographs are a wonderful thing, but all too often capture the things we least want to see about ourselves.

A Fabulous image!

Image quality is very good.

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