CDV, The Young Law Student & Latin Demand


This young man sends his photograph wanting his kindness returned claiming “Quid pro quo.”

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Quid pro quo in latin means, “this for that.” In legal jargon it is simply, “something of value for something else of value. “

I am taking a leap here by proclaiming the young gentleman in the photograph is a law student. He has posed for this image in the studio of Mr. S.B. Brown, Photographer of Providence, RI.

I now risk sticking my neck out once again to assume that this image is intended for his young lady friend, and so wishes his kindness to her returned. If she does not know latin, an excitement may cause delay in determining the secret meaning sent on this image. This may delay her returning her likeness to her waiting young man.  He cannot be angered however, and has no legal standing in this matter as he did not state, “revertetur tibi cito.”

Hope the last translation is correct as I had to look it up.  Now you have to.

A nice image in very good condition.

USPS First Class Mail $4.00

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