“Directions For Preservation Of Health”


Printed on the reverse, “Hints To Soldiers On Health.”  A Civil War printed handout.

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This is the first of these that we have seen, “Hints To Soldiers On Health.”  Then on the other side with the printed instructions it reads, “Directions For Preservation Of Health,” and proceeds to suggest the various ways soldiers can protect themselves in the field from sickness and disease.

This somehow does not have an Army printing look about it, rather something that would have been put out by the U.S. Sanitary Commission, or other concerned private groups.  Much of this is sage advice, yet I think for a soldier in the field under combat situations, some of this may be wishful thinking. Read this through and imagine you under wartime conditions trying to comply with these helpful directions.

Very good condition with light soiling; issued folded in thirds.  5×7.

USPS First Class Mail  $3.50

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