General Pershing Inspects The 89th Division


Great candid photos of the 89th at Inspection in full gear.

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This is a lot of two images measuring each 31/2x 5 1/2 of the 89th Division undergoing inspection somewhere in France.

In the first image we see General Pershing gliding down the ranks in a military fashion, accompanied by the company commander and staff. The soldiers are in full gear; helmets painted in the newly adopted insignia of the 89th.

Next, is another photo probably taken the same day, with the colonel of a regiment with some dignitary and I am assuming the division commander?  The general in visor cap and overcoat looks like Brigadier General Douglas MacArthur. Soldiers haven fallen out of ranks take a break, unconcerned about the big brass milling around.

Very nice images in very good condition; not photograph’s information.

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