Illinois Officer’s 1895 Collar Insignia


A very decorative, and scarcer insignia for use on the 1895 Officer’s undress uniform coat.

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These state seal insignia for use on the 1895 coat, are not a pair; one being a sew-on insignia, the other was a pin back (the pin is broken).  These are scarce insignia, and in all the years I have seen this pattern uniform offered for sale, I have not had the opportunity to purchase one.  Although the pair are mis-matched, I could not pass up the chance to offer them.

Approximately 1 1/4 inches wide, these two pieces match up perfectly in shape, and size.  One has a slightly different shade of gilt, which would be undetectable if on the collars of the uniform.

There was no history with these, but never-the-less, worthy of any uniform/ insignia collection.

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