Manuscript/Hand-drawn Maps Of US Fort Batteries.


Hand drawn maps and charts on the placement and armament at US Coastal Defenses.

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This little archive of hand drawn maps and data sheets shows the location, armament and number of guns (with types named) at each coastal fort/battery within the Eastern Department on the U.S.  This material came from the personal papers of Major General Thomas H. Ruger who was at this time the commanding general of the Department of the East (1895-1897).  From examining his writings the maps and the writing on them, as well as the cover facts sheet is in his hand as well.  The red-lined sheets with stations and armament information was probably done by Ruger, but i am not sure of this.

There are 19 maps with notations for each station plus 1 for the cover sheet; 5 data sheets give the same information but in a much neater manner.

The stations are forts from Portland, Me, all along the eastern seaboard to the Mississippi River. Data on the number of cannon such as 16″ BLR (breech loading rifle), 12″, 10″, 8″, Dynamite Guns, 12″ Mortars, and Quick Loading Guns.

The map sheets all came from a perforated pad of paper and Ruger uses black ink for geographical data, and red for armament types and numbers.

There is no signature: condition is fine overall.

I know that Ruger was heavily engaged in redoing training manuals while commanding the Dept. of the East, and this was no doubt one of the reports he had to make to present to the Congress and or army headquarters.

Thomas H. Ruger (1833-1907) was born in New York and moved to Wisconsin in 1846.  He was a USMA graduate Class of 1854.  Commissioned in the Wisconsin Volunteers during the Civil War; wounded at the Battle of Antietam and participated in eastern battles such as Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, before being transferred to Sherman’s Army and the famous march to the sea.

Following the Civil War, Ruger was military governor of Georgia, Superintendent at West Point, and then held several commands of regiments and departments to the end of his career, retiring in 1897.

A great little archive for the Coast Artillery collector.

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