Military Government & Civil Affairs


A manual concerning the employing of military government in occupied countries.

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United States Army and Navy Manual of  MILITARY GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL AFFAIRS, 22 December, 1943, FM 27- 5,  OPNAV 50E – 3, WASHINGTON: GPO, 1943.  Paper covers, 86 pages.

Contents are divided into general topics;  General (covering a host of material), Civil Affairs Responsibilities, (maintenance of the law, civilian defense and supple, censorship, port duties, commerce and trade, records, much much more);  Organization of Military Government (Control for Army & Navy planning and policies, theater commanders responsibilities, organization in combat-rear & task force areas, more); Personnel (planning and procurement, types and qualifications, training, etc…);  Planning; Proclamations, Orders, Ordinances and Instructions; Military Commissions, Provost Courts and Claims.

Fighting a war is one thing,  this makes me think on the old adage, “If you break it, you own it!,” or maybe more to the point, “you broke it, you fix it!”

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