“WHEN YOU ARE OVERSEAS” War Dept. Pamphlet


A scarce War Department pamphlet informing the troops about the importance of the do’s and don’t concerning their letter writing.

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“WHEN YOU ARE OVERSEAS” , War Department Pamphlet No. 21- 1, 29 July, 1943.   Four pages, typical manual sized paper.  Another document intended to educate soldiers about the facts concerning writing mail home, including ten things that are prohibited subjects to write about, addressing letters, mailing letters, V- mail, Blue envelopes, cables, talk and capture.

I know this is low interest for the “blood and guts” collector, but war entails all categories and all subject matter mundane or not. The censoring of letters was vital to maintaining secrecy, and a knowledgeable soldier how know not to include sensitive material did his part in the war effect, separate from his duties in a fight war.

Neat piece of paper!

Condition is fine.

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