WWI Portrait Photo – Pair of Stars For Hunter Liggett


An original pair of sew-on bullion rank stars for MG Liggett.

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This photograph is a period copy from an original; done in the period of Major General Hunter Liggett. Obviously taken during WWI with the general wearing the overseas cap and Sam Browne belt. There is no photograph information. The photo was once in a scrapbook.

This photo was in a large collection of photos and papers pertaining to WWI-II general officers that had been assembled over many years of collecting.  When I first when through them I did not notice the WWI major general’s stars made of silver bullion and directly sewn to the OD wool. Later when evaluating the collection a bit closer I noticed the stars and asked the collector about the history, and said he had never noticed them. neither one of use knew at the time who the general was. I we determined was that the stars have been with the photo for many years, having come from another general officer collection prior to his owning them.  I have little doubt that they belonged to Hunter Liggett.

Hunter Liggett was a West Point graduate, served in the infantry during the Indian Wars with service in several campaigns on the Northern Plains and Texas, and was in the Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection.

During WWI, Liggett commanded the 41st Infantry Division, 1st Corps, and then 1st Army.  At war’s end he took command of the 3rd Army or the Army of Occupation.  He retired from the army in 1921 as a Lt. Gen.  In 1928, he published his book, A.E.F., Ten Years Ago In France, published in 1928.

A nice little find for an important WWI general.

Size is 8 x 10.

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