1/6 Plate Ambrotype – Armed Sergeant With A Colt Police Revolver

Found in Pennsylvania; an image of a 28th PVI corporal armed with Colt Police revolver and sword.

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This 1/6 plate Ambrotype features an infantry corporal wearing a forage cap with an officer’s style bullion infantry horn with gilt wire border. The regiment number is appears to be a 28, and since this came out of the woodwork in Pennsylvania, I am assume the image is from that state.

I would doubt is his young corporal has reached 20 years of age, having a baby face, without any facial hair. His cheek and lips are tinted. He wears a federal frock coat with chevrons; a cartridge box is slung over the shoulder and his waist belt shows only the bayonet and scabbard; buttons and plates are gilt tinted. His trousers are tinted in the light blue.

Note his NCO sword is replaced by what appears to be an infantry officer’s foot sword, and he uses an infantry hat cord in place of a sword knot. In his left hand he hold a Colt Police model revolver (appears to have a 6 inch barrel with the characteristic fluted cylinder).

It is a nice clear image with the Colt showing a slight bit of blurriness from hand movement.

There is some cloudiness on the image, but seen when held at an angle, and great for photographic reproduction purposes.

Contained in a partial leatherette case.   No history or id.

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