174th Infantry Expert Marksman Badge


A light bronze badge bearing the distinct unit insignia of the 174th Infantry- Circa 1946- 1955.

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This ARMORY QUALIFICATION/ EXPERT  marksman’s badge was made by the well known jewelers and insignia makers Dieges & Clust of New York.  Made of a light bronze alloy, the planchet bears both rifle and pistol with the Distinctive Unit insignia of the 174th Infantry Regiment.

The 174th Infantry has its beginnings in New York State, and had served in various locations in the western parts of the U.S. and overseas, but became inactivated in 1945 after WWII.  Reactivated in 1947, in the Buffalo, NY area until broken up in 1955.  This is the period that I have placed this shooting badge.

In fine condition, 2 3/8 inches high.  Pin back

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