1837 -16th Regiment NYSM Documents – Warrants and Returns


Returns for soldiers missing- and warrants for duty & failing to appear for same.

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These three New York 16th Regiment of Militia documents are returns and warrants all dated in 1837.

  • The first document dated Sept. 1,  is a warrant to Sergeant James Rogers, “To warn the persons subject to Military duty north of the Erie Canal and within the bounds of Capt S.B. Noble’s company to be and appear armed and equipped as the law directs…..” They were to form in the Village of Jordan, and Canton for regimental review.  Signed by Sylvester B. Noble, Capt.  A list of those reporting are named with remarks if not present. This long document continues on the reverse, “The within named James Rodgers…certify that the Persons named in the within warrant were duly warned….” Rogers explains his initials; “R” for reading the warrant; “P” stating the substance there of, “A” by leaving a notice,,,,” and “A” by offering such notice on the outer door of their respective Houses…..Then certified by Capt. Noble.   The document has some roughness on the edges, paper missing near the outer fold areas, otherwise very good and all legible.
  • ” A return of delinquents in the company commanded by Capt. B.B. Schanck in the 16th Regiment of Infantry of the Militia of the State of New York at company parade had at Plainville on the 4th day of September A.D. 1837″  This document lists the several names of those not appearing, “also a return for Capt. Schanck’s company at a Regimental review had at Chas H. Tolls on the 16t of Sept.  Certified and signed by him.  Document has some light staining but overall in good condition.
  • “A return of delinquents…in the company of Infantry commanded by Ralph D. Marvin, in the 16th Regiment, dated the 4th of Sept. at General Review. There are two lists of names, one for those missing on the 4th and the 16th at different functions. Quite a large list of no shows!  Certified by Marvin on the 20th Day of Sept.. 1837.   On the reverse, “I hereby return Simon Vosburgh, Corporal in the Company of Infantry under my command for the following delinquencies  to wit, 1st for neglecting and refusing to warn men to company parade on the 4th day of Sept. agreeable to my orders.  2nd for neglecting and refusing to warn men to appear at Regimental parade on the 16th of Sept. inst. agreeable to my orders.  I certify the above to be just and true. Witness my hand this 20th day of September, 1837.”   Signed by Capt. Marvin.  Very good condition.

Apparently there were many problems with this regiment’s men in the year of 1837.  Good reference lot for New York state militia, and with some research will make for a great story.



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