1862 Dated W.M.B. Hartley Billhead For 27 Colt Pocket Revolvers SOLD

These Colt revolvers were purchased from Colt by W.M.B. Hartley of New York on Aug, 7, 1862. He is a known supplier of cartridge boxes to the state of New York.

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1862 Dated W.M.B. Hartley Billhead For 27 Colt Pocket Revolvers.  I have not found any information in a quick search for W.M.B. Hartley, but I am taking a leap here to say he must have been related to Marcellus Hartley of Schuyler, Hartley, and Graham fame. W.M.B. was located at 9 Maiden Lane, New York City, and the larger firm was at 19 Maiden Lane. The only reference at this time came from Bazelon & McGuinn’s Directory of American Military Goods Dealers., stating that William B. was cited in Paul Johnson’s book, Civil War Cartridges Boxes of the Union Infantryman, as supplying 10,000 cartridge boxes to the New York Arsenal in 1861.

On his printed billhead, dated New York, Aug, 7, 1862, from Colts Pat. Arms Mfg. Co., he is ordering thirteen 6 inch barreled Colt, 5 shot Ivory engraved Pocket Model Colt revolvers at $21.00 each, and an additional twelve more with 6 inch barrels, also with ivory and engraving, at $22.00 each.

The printed address for his business was crossed out, originally being at both Cincinnati, and 240 Broadway, New York. If the move to Maiden Lane was not a family related one, perhaps it was to take advantage of the customer base of a much larger concern at Schuyler, Hartley, and Graham.

In fine condition. The upper corners are adhered to a black paper. The glue or what ever substance is not showing through the document.  A nice Colt Firearms related piece.





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