1862 Dated Model 1840 Light Artillery Saber – SOLD

1862 dated Ames artillery saber with blued scabbard refurbished and re-issued during the Indian Wars period.

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This Ames Model 1840 light artillery saber is dated 1862, and one of 1052 ordered, and where 839 were delivered to the U.S. Ordnance Department. Unlike the cavalry sabers, the artillery models had a single branch guard which curved downward, ending in a scroll.  The 32 blade has a single fuller. The original issue leather grips and twisted brass wire, showing use but in fine shape.

The scabbard drag bears the inspector’s initials, “A.D.K.” (the “K” is not visible).

During the Indian Wars period, a given number of these sabers were refurbished and re-issued. Generally the blued scabbard is the clue, and on further inspection, with this particular specimen, a number of other signs are evident; on one side of the ricasso the marking, US over 1862, is present, but shows some sanding in this area, and on the other side, the Ames marking is completely gone (this was the banner marking for Ames with their address).  The shank on the pommel is a bit rougher than when originally issued, but neatly done. The scabbard drag, mentioned previously, was lightly redone in this area, yet removed the last letter of the inspector’s initials. The inspection mark “D”on the flat of the blade near the hilt, is most likely a re-furbish control marking.

The blade still retains a highly polished finish, with very very light blemishing about, and one knick in the blade edge, caused by the collision of another blade. The blued scabbard finish is thinning in some areas, taking on a plum-bluish hue, but still having the smooth polished look.

I am unaware of the exact date of the work done on these sabers, but post war sometime in the late sixties, early seventies would be my presumption, since a good deal of revolvers, carbines and muskets were done then as well.

It is a great saber that is representative of both the Civil and Indian Wars.

Excellent overall condition.

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