1865 Dated Allegheny Arsenal Saddle Bags. – SOLD

Super Condition cavalry saddle bags, complete.

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This pair of M1859 cavalry saddle bags, made at Allegheny Arsenal are in super condition, showing minimal use.  The entire surface of all leather components is untouched; you will get them as found, untreated.  The heaviest wear is on the parts that would be handled the most, such as leather straps, leather keys that hold the saddle bags on the cantal of the saddle, and some of the interior leather and its lacings.

Allegheny Arsenal 1865 is stamped on the right hand side flap only. The yoke that holds the two bags together is sound with light wear overall.

These either had some use in the later part of the Civil War, or were issued and well maintained during the Indian Wars era.

About the best conditioned saddle bags you could hope to find.