1870 Hoffman “Long Loop” Frog – With 1873 Bayonet & Scabbard


This Long Loop Hoffman frog was maintained with a new replacement 1873 scabbard.

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1870 Hoffman “Long Loop” Frog – With 1873 Bayonet & Scabbard.  This variant is one of two devised by Colonel William Hoffman; one having this sized loop or another having one that was shorter.  This frog is being used on a late issue replacement scabbard issued about the time of the Spanish American War.  It has a simple oval collar for easy mounting. The Hoffman patent allowed for two brass washers that allowed the loop to swivel on the frog for easier drawing of bayonet.

The frog has only inspector initials (“JE.”).   The 1873 Springfield rifle bayonet has the “US” stamp on the blade.  Standard model in blued finish now retaining about 80 + % and could use a cleaning that will improve the look.

Leather is fine with only a few areas showing wear.

This bayonet and scabbard may be a State used piece with the use of the Hoffman Device and the later Springfield scabbard.

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