18th Century American Water Bucket


Scarce wooden water bucket with rose head nails of the 18th century

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This 18th Century water bucket is in outstanding condition for an early everyday item that normally would have been relegated to the bottom of the well. I believe the wood is pine, being very light and having a wonderful original patina. Some chipping of wood in some places, small digs, rubs, etc., just as you’d expect to find on something that would get rough treatment.  The construction is hoop and stave, with the hoops held together with period wrought rose head nails. The original handle is held in place by the use of wooden pegs that are pinned on the inside of the handle, the pegs being small pieces of wood. The body of the bucket is just under 8 inches and has an overall height of 9 1/2 inches with the handle down.

Whether in a period display of everyday items, or in a military display of a Revolutionary War camp, this or any period bucket would find a place there.  As desirable as canteens are, these water carrying devices are far more scarce. In over 35 years of dealing I have accumulated only 5 nice examples from various periods.  This being the earliest of the lot, I decided to start with the oldest.

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Dimensions 26 × 26 × 20 in