18th Century Quality Small Sword Shoulder Belt SOLD

A fine quality shoulder belt of Moroccan red leather with gilt embossing.


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This fine quality gentleman’s or officer’s over the shoulder sword belt is made of fine red moroccan leather and embossed with gold accents over the entire edging of the belt. Backed with a thin brown leather. The metal mountings are silver, probably plated but not enough wear to determine without digging away at the original finish. One of the mounting rings holds a dismount hook for a small sword.

The leather and gilt shows wear overall, but evenly and most wear occurs on the hangers. Some of the stitching has become separated in areas that hold the moroccan and the backing leather panels.

Originally this accoutrement came with a silver mounted small sword, sold by the previous owner. Intended to be worn over the waistcoat, beneath the coat. It is my estimation late 18th Century, and possible with use into the very early 19th.

A fabulous accoutrement of great quality.  The white waistcoat of a later period is for display only.


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