1902 Regulations added the Eagle Coat of Arms for General Officers.

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A very respectable pair of dress epaulettes for a Brigadier General with the new regulation addition of the eagle coat of arms applied to each epaulette. General officers were the only officers in the army to wear the coat of arms. Actually, dress epaulettes had not been worn by officers under that grade since 1872, wear shoulder knots (sometimes referred to as “paddles”).

The wear on the tin suggest this general was in that grade prior to 1902 and upgraded by the addition of the coat of arms. The tin just has that earlier look from the late Indian Wars (even earlier) era. There is no maker mark on the epaulettes but there is a crown marking on the brass shoulder slides, possibly of British manufacture. The buttons are unmarked as well. The undersides of the accoutrements are red moroccan leather and velvet. The gilt shows slight toning, but overall bright and in excellent condition.

There is nothing in the container in the base of the tin, that would have held a belt and other uniform accessories.

No name is associated with these epaulettes.

Great transitional uniform components, 1872-1902.



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