1902 Enlisted Summer Tan Service Cap – SOLD

A scarce and great conditioned issue cap.


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It is doubtful if this Army issue enlisted man’s cap saw a great deal of use as the condition is about the best we have had for one of these. The contract for this particular cap was with CHAM & GLASS CAP CO. (dated) JULY 6, 1908. The contract marking are accompanied by U.S. Inspectors stamp, “St. Louis,


The sweatband shows that the cap has been worn, but minimal use, virtually no soiling visible. The chinstrap and visor are in tight and in excellent condition as well. The visor does show a common trait in that the leather finish on these caps will run so to speak in the heat of an attic or other heated storage. The side buttons are 1902 subdued pattern general service types.


The insignia applied to the cap is the 1896 pattern insignia for infantry, and this one is for the 2nd regiment, company “M.” The insignia appears to be original to the hat as the brass markings pressing against the tan cotton suggest it has been there for some time.


There is no identification to any soldier with this particular item. Size 7 1/8.


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