1904 -1st Class Gunner’s Badge For Field Artillery

This badge replaced the 1903 Coast Artillery badge after much dissatisfaction from the field artillery.

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After a good deal of confusion and dissatisfaction on the part of members of the field artillery, the 1st Class Gunner’s badge that initially they had been issued (that being the 1903 1st Class Gunner’s Badge for Coast Artillery), was done away with and this new badge was issued beginning in the fall of 1904.  Approximately 500 badges were produced.

The back of the badge is now appropriately marked for field artillery, designating properly “battery” in place of “company.”  When first issue in 1904, the backs were marked only to a battery and equipment number, and it was not until 1907 that the regiment designation was marked. This badge was issued to the soldier who maintained the battery or equipment number “123,” a member of “17 Battery.”

The badge is in fine condition with a great deal of the original bright finish. Slight bending of forward part of wheel.

40mm in length.

This badge was awarded to a soldier in the 17th Battery- his equipment no. is 123.

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