1926-30s Artillery Warrant Officers Uniform SOLD

169th Field Artillery, 43rd Infantry Division Id’d uniform.


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The period between WWI and II saw another departure from an establish look for the army uniform.  The high stand-up collar was replaced with the open-lapel fashion, popular with the British in the first war.  Other than this change, little difference is seen as far as the cut.

This uniform was purchased in 1926 by Warrant Officer D.S. Ballou, of the 169th Field Artillery, 43rd Infantry Division; at the time a New England based division. The maker is S. Sanderman, Army Base, Boston, Mass.  and Ballou’s name is written on the inner breast pocket label.

The coat is absolutely original, with some interesting aspects, brown no green cuff braids (green for NCO and WO who held commissions during WWI), English made warrant officer’s insignia that have been painted brown to bring them to early WWII specs (hand painted brass, no markings, but typical English pin back), and finally the Coast Artillery collar brass for 169th. The 169th Field Artillery was indeed part of the 43rd Division, yet Ballou is using coast artillery clutch back insignia. Missing are the “US” collar insignia.

The patch is embroidered as shows some fading in collar.

The johdpurs are not named, and slightly off shade from the coat; with a few very small moth nips overall. The Overseas cap is unnamed, tailor made, and bears the DUI of the 169th Field Artillery AAA as does the uniform coat.

I can only assume that this uniform was being worn in the early part of WWII, prior to the introduction and complete adoption of the new 1941 service dress uniform.

An interest uniform worth doing some research on.    Shirt and tie are NFS.

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