1930 Gold Field Artillery -Best F.A. Gunner Badge

Awarded to C.A. Jenkins; 10k gold and featured in Emerson’s “Marksmanship In The U.S. Army” book.

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This 10K gold “Sharpshooters” badge was used for an artillery award, with a “FIELD ARTILLERY” bar suspended below. It was presented, “BEST / F.A. / GUNNER /1930 /C.A. JENKINS,” Both the badge and bar are marked 10K.

This badge was featured in William K. Emerson’s book, “Marksmanship In the U.S. Army,” and can be found in the chapter on Unofficial Awards, page 93, figure 5.9.  Emerson makes note that the badge is awarded for Best Shot, yet instead of an expert badge awarded, a sharpshooters was used. This was during the Depression Era, and that may have had something to do with presentation.

Excellent condition.

From the Robert Borrell Artillery Collection.

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