1930’s Artillery Officer’s Full Dress Cap


A nice cap with transition to metal insignia.

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The cap was probably made in the early 30’s. The use of the applied brass/ gilt eagle insignia instead of the high quality look of bullion comes in this period with greater regularity. Another indicator is the use of felt backing under the oak leaves on the visor.

None-the-less, this is a quality cap in excellent condition. There is one moth area in the very back on the edge of the crown. It is approximately a quarter of an inch, and could be repaired easily. We don’t like to get into restoration as it can be costly and time consuming which increases the cost, but in this case the damage is so insignificant compared to the overall condition and the perfect display ability

of the item.

The bullion shows some age toning; the gilt on the eagle is excellent. The lining and sweat band leather are excellent as well. The stitching on the front portion of the sweatband is loose. The sizing label (lower right missing) reads 7 1/(4). Made by WILLIAM C. ROWLAND, UNIFORMS, PHILADELPHIA.

A great transitional cap in excellent condition with a few issues that can be dealt with.