2nd Army – Co. A 115th Field Signal Battalion Uniform Grouping

Identified grouping with tunic, trousers, photos and paper.

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This is a nice rounded group consisting of uniform, documents, and photographs for I believe a scarce signal unit attached to the 2nd Army in WWI. The grouping belonged to Staff Sergeant Edwin S. Mayer, from Denver, Colorado, and was in Company “A” 115th Field Signal Bn., 2nd US Army, AEF. during WWI.

The winter service dress tunis is in choice condition, made of OD wool, with the variant lighter shade of OD used on the collar. US and SC collar discs, single right sleeve rank chevron with embroidered SC insignia, and sewn-on gray-tan wool stripes, 2nd Army patch made with two sections (red over white) directly sewn onto OD wool.  The remaining insignia are the typical discharge stripe and a single bullion overseas stripe.  All the buttons are present on the coat.  An inspection label is sewn into the lower lining of the coat; Sigmund Eisner Co., Contract date, April 12, 1917, and stamped with inspectors name.  The trousers are in fine condition and have the same collector/museum inventory numbers., along with Meyers Company number, “A/11.” The trousers also have a stamp on pocket lining, “ES MAYER.”

Paper items include several passes from Toul, France and signed by different officers, orders from a Captain Koch, to take a truck to Troyon to complete a station, etc., and stop on the way back at St. Mihiel to complete E-3 station, etc. …YMCA map and pass from Nancy, France; a few empty AEF soldier letter covers an more.  There is a nice broadside for SECOND ArRMY/ RADIO PRESS / ISSUED DAILY/ BY Radio Office, 2nd Army/ 1st Lt. J.A. Zimmerman, Radio Officer.  Operating Personnel Furnished By Co. A, 115th Field Signal Bn.  Printed on white 8.5 x 14 inch paper.

Photographs are mostly smaller sized snap shots, beginning with training stateside images, and in France. Many of these are annotated. There are some postcards of US naval warships.  There are some photos taken in France showing men using radios at the various stations, some show the patches, inspection, outdoor views, etc.. Approximate 40+ images. Size on average is 1 1/4 x 2.5, and 2 3/4 x 3 1/4 inches.

Have not been able to determine exactly what the mission of this unit was, other than “Press” suggests reporting the news, but what and to whom?

Great, clean grouping.

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