350th Inf.Regt., 88th Inf. Div. Ike Grouping, ID’d to TEC4 Thorstenson


Circa 1947 Period Ike Jacket, Insignia, Caps, Ties & More ID’d to Medic T/4 Thorstenson

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ID’d Grouping from Technician 4th Grade, Medic, Jack Thorstenson of the 350th Infantry Regiment, 88th Infantry Division.

The 350th Infantry or “Battle Mountain Regiment” was in Occupation for 5 years in Italy, as part of the 88th Infantry Division which eventually became “TRUST” -Trieste United States Troops, which stayed in there through the Cold War.

This Ike jacket has a contract date of 1946, sized 34R.  The DUIs appear to be possibly Italian made; they look as if they were modified from pin back to clutch back.  On both sleeves the Technician 4th Grade Chevrons were hand sewn.  The 88th Infantry Division tab is Italian made.  His Overseas Service Bars show he had at least 1 year of service overseas, and a Ruptured Duck over the right breast.  The collar discs are affixed in pairs (U.S., and Medical Corps) on the lapels, dating his service circa to 1947 when uniform regulations changed.  The ribbons are a bit blemished and worn; EAME, WWII Victory Medal, and Army of Occupation Medal.

Several other items accompany this grouping;

  • Two Overseas Caps.  Each have different style Medical maroon and white piping.  One has a small 350th Inf. Regt. DUI(possibly Italian Made).  Both caps are un-sized, but measure to be approximately 6 3/4. one has the service number stamped.
  • Dog tags with the chain, both have “Thorstenson, Jack”
  • Two neckties, both are crudely made, stamped with his service number, “T-2454”
  • Two infantry scarves (each are different styles and materials)
  • Belt, stamped with his service number
  • Silver ID Bracelet.  The surface is engraved with “Jack G. Thorsenson”  The underside is engraved, “Betty.”  His service number is hand etched under his sweetheart’s name, and marked Sterling, Made in Mexico.  Nice heavy chain and clasp
  • Combat Medical Badge, marked Sterling-shows chipping and wear to the finish.
  • Silver-type Cigarette Case with a nice engraved design on the front and inside.  The back is etched with J.G. Thorstenson, Venezia-1946.  There is rubbing to the finish.

This lot is in overall very good condition;  The jacket has a few small moth holes, there is some soiling and staining and age appropriate wear to the scarves, ties, caps and belt.  Scuffing and light wear to the bracelet, insignia, badges, ribbons and cigarette case.

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