42nd Division – 168th Infantry Regiment ID’d WWI Grouping


A well rounded grouping for Private John A. Koenig, Co. “E” 168th Infantry Regiment.

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42nd Division – 168th Infantry Regiment ID’d WWI Grouping.

John Albert Koenig was born in 1892 in Watertown, Wisconsin.  He later moved to Winters, Michigan as a young man and owned and worked a dairy farm.  When America enter WWI, Koenig enlisted in the army, serving in Co. “C” 168th Infantry Regiment, of the 41nd (Rainbow) Division.  The Division served in France from February, 1918 to April of 1919.  Their battles include Second Marne, Luneville Sector, Ourcq River, Chateau-Thierry Counter Offensive, St. Mihiel, Verdun, Champagne Woevre and Meuse-Argonne.  The Division suffered heavy losses with more than 12,000 casualties in 264 days of combat.  After the war, Koenig moved to New York, and passed away in West Winfield, NY, in 1986.

His uniform grouping consists of:

  • 1917 tunic with hand woven 42nd Division patch, 2 bullion overseas chevrons, and a discharge chevron. Collar discs for Infantry Co. “C” / and U.S. Condition is very good, missing a shoulder tab button only, and a few moth holes on the upper back area. A pair of trousers that are crudely cut at the lower legs (named to “Atwater”, most likely acquired from the later and had to shorten the length for his use). Koenig’s name faintly written on sweat band, as well as another name in red pen but too worn. Pair of wool puttees. A few small moth holes on right side
  • British made WD marked overseas cap
  • Dog tags on original string, 3 different types. 1. Typical round issue variety with full name and “U.S.A.” only, 2. Smaller round with name, rank, unit, and service number; 3. A scarcer square tag with same information.
  • British Brody helmet, complete. very good condition with name written on period tape.  Size 7 1/4 on inner crown leather.
  • American issue gas mask in bag, complete. One lens showing some corrosion. Very good.
  • Horn razor in leather haversack fork sheath.
  • Well used double edged razor in OD snap button case.
  • Red Cross Diddy Bag, named.
  • Aluminum soap case, with spent bullet, and needle.
  • Decorated brass match box safe.
  • Old leather coin purse, well worn.
  • Multi-section coin purse in leather, containing French & German buttons and souvenirs.
  • Pocket size “Official Holy Name Pocket Manual.” dated 1918.
  • Pocket size booklet, “St John, Army & Navy Edition.” 1918.  Has membership card inside for Koenig for National War Work Council, YMCA.
  • 2 other YMCA booklets.
  • Koenig’s Pay Book, with entries from 2 Sept. 1918, to March 31, 1918.

This group came out of a well known New York collection.


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