5 Photographs of New York State Squadron “A” Cavalry, 1898 – SOLD

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In this series of 5 photographs taken during a chilly morning obviously by the dress, the photos were taken by J.F. Lloyd (1777 Broadway, Bet. 57th & 58th Sts) captures a rough looking bunch of characters ready for some kind of fight. I am not certain when the photos were taken, but 1898 seems about right. The troopers are from Squadron “A” Cavalry and exhibit an interesting array of accoutrements and weapons.

Most of the troopers are issued the Ropes holster for the Colt Single Action Army Revolver; mounted on 1885 pattern cavalry saber waist belts, 1885 carbine slings. The uniforms are typical 5 button fatigue blouses, trousers all seem to have a yellow stripe even on the men without rank.The campaign hats are of the late 1890’s and with the “Montana Pike” becoming popular the 1898 looks right. No one is brandishing a SAA, but I assume that is what is holstered. The carbines being used are the Remington Rolling Blocks, typical issue to NYS troops. I’m not certain, but it would appear that the cross saber insignia on the hats are both 1858 pattern with “A” above, and in one instance, either an 1872 pattern insignia or 1896 with the “A” and “SNY” beneath. Uniforms are pretty standard, but there is one hospital steward with a white diamond and cross on the sleeve.

The stables seem to be right downtown, windows broken out by either lack of repair or neighborhood kids tired of throwing rocks at cats and dogs. They all seem too dressed up for a fight than for a good stable clean-out. A super group of 5 photos that the Cavalry or New York collector must have.

The images are clear, and good for publication. One image looks weak, but I believe it is due to the cook fires sending up their smoke that is clouding the image. The mounts are a bit rough on the edges, one has tears approaching an image. No notations on any of them, and only one is photographer marked. ┬áImage size is 7×8 approximately.

A great group!



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