52nd Coast Artillery (Railway) Regiment Ring & DUI – SOLD

Interwar era 52nd CA Sterling ring and single DI.

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The sterling ring, marked with makers name (can’t make it out), with the insignia of the 52nd Coast Artillery Regiment.  When created in the WWI era, the unit was designated a Railway artillery unit.  The insignia is most likely made in the interwar era, and the ring looks like the typical WWII variety.  During WWII this unit served on the West coast in a defensive posture.

The ring has the spreadwinged eagle over federal shield on both sides, with an enamel unit insignia.

Light wear overall on the ring, two tiny areas (holes of letters) are missing enamel and I wonder if this was a bubble and never had enamel.

DI is fine with no maker markings.

Nice set..Size 8

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Weight .5 lbs