61st Air Defense Artillery DUI Collection

This collection represents different makers and patterns for the 61st ADA.


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The collection represents a good portion of variant insignia for the 61st Air Defense Artillery.  Some are hallmarked and not, various sizes, etc.

  • 61-A  20mm.  N.S. Meyer; clutch back   Exc.
  • 61-B  23mm.  No hallmark;  clutch back   Exc.
  • 61-C  28mm.  No hallmark;  clutch back   Exc.
  • 61-D  20mm. A.H. Dondero, D-2; clutch back  Exc.
  • 61-E  35mm. Sherman MFC. CO. Providence  3S   Exc.
  • 61-E-1  35mm.   Same   :  clutch back    Exc.
  • 61-F   24mm.   Valcan (Japanese);  clutch back;   Exc.


These range in date from 50’s mid 60’s.

Just think about the lack of time and gas needed to build a collection!

From The Robert Borrell Artillery Collection.

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