86th Indiana Regiment Annual Reunion Ribbon – SOLD

Applied photograph of Brevet General Geo.F. Dick.


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This is a beautiful ribbon with the photograph of Brevet General George Frederick Dick applied within the printed gilt wreath. The date is not specified as to what reunion this was for the 86th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, but assume it to be earlier rather than later.

There is much information on this ribbon besides identifying the regiment; the 4th Corps Badge (Army of the Cumberland), three of the regiments major engagements; Missionary Ridge, Chickamauga, and Stones River during the period of 1862-1865. The image of George F. Dick show him in the uniform of colonel, the rank he achieved just after the Battle of Stones River (he was in command of the regiment in that battle, having succeeded command after Orville Hamilton, the original colonel of the regiment). The regiment saw many other engagements in the Western Theater of the war.

Approximately 8 inches and in fine condition.

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