A.E.F. Division Artillery Staff Armband & Clip SOLD

Attributed to Captain John Wesley Snyder, President Truman’s Secretary of the Treasury.


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General Order #134, 15 August, 1918, A.E.F. stated that these armbands were to be used by staff officers “when moving about on duty in congested areas at the front, when such distinguishing marks are necessary to insure free circulation.”  Worn on the left sleeve, midway between the shoulder and elbow. The clips were worn on the breast pocket, slipped over the outer thickness of the overcoat, or raincoat, just above the 2nd button.

The prescribed color for division staff, artillery was blue with the crossed cannons.  Most of the armbands I have observed over the years have been French made, of high quality, usually silk and bullion construction, with quality buckle for adjustment.  The armband is 151/4 inches long, not including adjustment strap.  the width is 3 inches.

This was purchase nearly twenty years ago from the past collector, who had obtained the identification as to the owner, Captain John Wesley Snyder, (1895 – 1985).  He was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, studied at Vanderbuilt University’s engineering school a year before joining the army during the Great War.  Taken from the Truman Library is this information on Snyder.

Captain Snyder attended the first officer’s training camp and received a commission as 2nd Lieutenant of Field Artillery.  He was assigned to the 57th Field Artillery Brigade, 32nd Infantry Division, AEF.  He was the aide to the brigade commander, attended the French Artillery School near Camp Coetquidan, France.  More.

I have never owned one of these clips before.  A scarce lot of insignia.


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