A Grouping- Two Brothers- Two Officers; Chas. & Wm. Hunt.


The Lead Image is only a partial lot, SEE ALL IMAGES for Charles A., and William E. Hunt, brothers from New Hampshire, both of them retired full colonels.

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The group appears to be mixed between two brothers originally from Nashua, New Hampshire, both entered the army after graduating from New Hampshire College (at different times).

William E. Hunt‘s brief military record is as follows:  Entered the army as a 2nd Lt. in 1899 (Infantry)….as a captain in 1908 in the Quartermaster Corps until 1916.  major 1917- transferred to Inspector Generals Dept. to 1919; Lt.Col. 1920; relieved from I.G.D. in 1922; Colonel, 1924 back to I.G.D.  Retired in 1934.  One record found on the net places him as a Col. of the National Army attached to a General Staff position as an G-3 officer.

Younger brother Charles A. Hunt entered service as a 2nd Lt. of Infantry in 1902;  1st Lt. 1907; captain 1916, major (temp) 1917- 18; Lt. Col USA during WWI in the infantry, and colonel, USA 1934.  One record in an early register found him in the 12th Infantry.

Both men graduated from NH College, went to Gen. Staff College, Army War College, Gen. Staff School.

William’s career decorations are: None.   Charles: Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star (2 OLC).

Certainly more can be done to find info on these officers.

The grouping consists of: cardboard boxed dress company grade Infantry officers belt and buckle, tin cased shoulder knots complete with button and mounts; Russet colored Sam Browne belt complete (has some mildew spotting) and has the sword hanger, dark burgundy ACP clip pouch and equipment slides , and shoulder strap for another Sam Browne belt. (no belt);

In the photo provided showing all small items, the under lying white canvas piece is a hanging camp organizer for toiletries, and other officer’s personal essentials (this has the stenciled name for William); The ribbon bars belong to Charles, (DSM loose, French Legion of Honour (with rosette), and French Croix de Guerre avec palmes (2) with spare ribbon, a later Silver Star ribbon with (1 OLC), Victory Medal spare ribbon.

Insignia includes 20s-30s Infantry brass for 5th and 12th Infantry, 1 pair os “US” collar insignia; two pair os shirt sized collar insignia for infantry, and a pair of small colonel’s eagles (pin back);  lot of army officer gilt buttons. one pair of Kid skin Berlin gloves, black cotton crap arm band.

Other small are pocket compass (1.5 inches dia. approx.); pair of fraternal insignia, unused shoe laces in original wraps (some with tear to paper); call card case with several cards for Colonel Charles; pair of eye glass in case, another spare case, misc paper as seen in photo; More plain Infantry insignia of the same period.

What I can confirm of those item belonging to William are the canvas organizer, a pair of dog tags on cotton sling (Colonel rank).  How much of the infantry rank is William’s, I don’t know other than the 12th Inf. belonged to Charles. There are some fraternal lapel pins in small cases, and another for New Hampshire College, could belong to either brother.  Other misc laces, cotton bits, on Berlin glove, pretty much complete this lot.

The main components in this lot do add up if one were to sell them individually.

Certainly a lot worth of more research. Maybe you know were more material is.

This just found.  Obituary for Charles, good material, Regimental commander of the 12th Infantry in WWI.

I Found this by goggling Colonel Charles A. Hunt, USA, Columbus, Ga. 

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