Address Delivered at Gettysburg by Edward Everett – No Mention of Lincoln

‘Daily Evening Traveller’ Newspaper, dated Friday, November 20, 1863.  Address delivered at Gettysburg on the 19th of November at the consecration of the cemetery…for those who fell on the 1st, 2d, and 3d of July by Edward Everett.


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The newspaper was printed and published in Boston, Massachusetts on November 20, 1863.  The front page contains the speech delivered by Edward Everett on November 19 at Gettysburg.  Interesting there appears to be no mention of the President Abraham Lincoln despite referencing the political parties that were involved in the war. The was in the period, much criticism of President Lincoln’s short speech compared to the most lengthly oratory spewed by one of America’s well respected statesman, Mr. Everett.


The large four page paper has some wear, discoloration and fading throughout.  Along the outer borders and the folds within the paper there is some heavier wear, creasing and small pieces of paper missing.  At the top of the paper there is some writing in pencil.  On the top of the paper on each page there has been some repair with acid free tape where there is a large piece missing (center of the paper).



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