Army Theater Made Corporal’s Chevrons On Blanket Wool

Crudely made corporals chevrons, made where supply problems, and lack of proper materials existed.

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WWII chevrons are not normally found embroidered onto OD blanket wool, but in the example of this pair of corporal’s chevrons, the abnormal has surfaced.  The possibility does exist that these might be WWI, due to the use of blanket wool, but so rare are embroidered chevrons in the earlier period.

The fact that they are in a pair, and embroidered leads me the WWII placement.  Where, is another question as complexing.  The work could have been done in almost any theater, my guess being in the CBI (India), or in Italian / Mediterranean theaters. Unfortunately there was no history with these, other than being sewn onto pages in a collectors book with other WWII insignia.

Supply problems, as well as cheap labor in war-torn countries made “on the economy” type insignia readily available. Most theater made chevrons usually mimicked American manufacture with similar materials used to replicate U.S. regulation patterns.  This pair suggest that their creation was in an isolated region.

Chevrons are made 3 inches at their widest.  They were on uniform with some traces of thread remaining.  Small tears and wear along blanket edges.

An interesting pair of theater made Army chevrons.

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