Blue Woven Cartridge Belt- 1885 Pattern – SOLD

Possibly an experimental belt.


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This is a most interesting belt made in the style of the Model 1885 Prairie belt, but utilizing a Mills early pattern web belt, with 4 brass grommets for adding equipment hangers, that has been dyed in the blue.  The color has faded in a way to suggest that the color is not originally blue but changed that way later. The leather is arsenal made; has a belt sizing mark (32) and some other nondescript lettering.  45 loops for .45 caliber ammunition.

Condition is fine with light wear overall, leather has some crackling to surface but from age and handling over the years.

Possibly made due to the popularity of the blue color web belts and still keep the style of the old 1885 prairie belt.  Can’t find anything on these.

A scarce item.

Update:  Apparently these were made quickly by the arsenal for New York States troops during the Spanish American War period. The unit was issued the standard Mills .45/70 belts in blue web, but did not have enough to completely issue to all troops so as a stop gap measure these ’85 Prairie belts were both dyed and painted blue to supply the regiment.  The information was supplied by a trusted dealer/ historian who has seen a few of these over the years. He could not remember the regiment(s).

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Weight 4 lbs