Boxed Artillery Colonel’s Belt & Straps


A real choice boxed set of artillery accoutrements from the 30’s, never used!

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This lot consists of a boxed artillery dress belt for a full colonel, and includes his shoulder straps. The belt is still wrapped in the original packing paper; the straps still have the plastic bags (torn) with them. The maker is not known, other than taking the paper off the belt and looking for a name, which is not going to happen here. The label on the box states that the size is 39.

The box itself is generally in very good shape with two corners broken and worn overall. No Identification to the officer. Also in the box are hangers that I assume are for suspending from the back waist buttons on the uniform coat and assist in keeping the belt properly placed at the waist, or if the belt had provisions for hanging a sword, would take the weight. I have never had a set of these before with all the belts I’ve had.

A nice looking set,


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