Brigadier General R.I. Stack Lot SOLD


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Lot consists of Ike jacket, Qtrmtr label, size 44, no name in jacket, but no others do.

Khaki Gen. officer OS cap with star, no name,

smaller BG flag

Utility cap, soiled and worn through in a few spots, probably from his Armored Infantry days early in the war (1st Armored Div).  I put the insignia on the cap, holes were there, he came overseas as Col.

Minty tanker HBT overalls.

Equipment bag with painted ID.

36th Div patch from a small box holding various insignia in his trunk.

Some original photos and copies from original negatives. (copies are mainly the portrait shots.

Some original paperwork, largely copies of bio, his story of Goring capture, decoration citations (not all), etc.

a few original photos and papers from his Military attache in Tangers, 1950-51.

WWII Series of French road maps from his stack of maps.  These are not annotated.

Two polaroids of Stack late in life,  news clipping about him in retirement.  Other news clippings about Goring, etc.

Original Auction flyer for his estate.  However most military items went first to Cornell Univ. prior to their releasing material they did not want.