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CAA Pilot Training Wings, Paper, Photos, Flight Logs for Eldon Williams from Higginsville, Mo. The lot consists of a nice assortment WWII era insignia for this program that began in 1939, to train civilians to be pilots and strengthen the national defense, as the Government prepared for the oncoming war. The CAA, Civilian Aeronautics Authority allowed many minorities, and women to learn to fly, as well as many who wanted to learn to fly, then outside of the military. Such men were Richard Bong, later a AAF ace, John Glenn, future astronaut, and Tuskegg airman, BG Daniel James, Jr. and more. Included with the group is a brief history of the CAA, along with a good deal of original paper work, etc.

The earliest piece is William’s fight log that begins in 1936. It records all flights, types of aircraft, etc. By June of 1942, he is flying CAP flights, and in 1942 records indicate his re-qualifying for instructor status with the U.S. Army. This log book is filled to 1961, and two other flight logs complete his flying record. In the early log book is his card for certifying that he flew the Stearman-Hammond Model Y aircraft, at Union Air Terminal, Burbank, Cal. etc.

The documents here cover his CAA- USAFF career, along with photo identification cards for CAA, CAP, (and other cards). Also his U.S. Army discharge, and photos of him as an instructor.

CAA STERLING insignia are Williams;  wings, cap badge, collar insignia pair, and wrist bracelet (broken chain on one side). A nice cabinet photograph show him in uniform wearing this insignia. There are two photographs (8×10 glossy) of the Stearman-Hammond aircraft with Williams in one of the pictures, and some post war civilian items for the Mule Skinners of the Grand Canyon Trails, a certificate and photo.

A great group of material I was not aware of.  Super to have so much for one pilot. All the material is in fine condition, other that some wallet worn cards.

I have taken a number of images for you to see just what this lot entails.


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